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Week 11 Predictions: Minnesota Golden Gophers

8-0 vs. 8-0. The No.4 Nittany Lions can taste their goals, but first have to travel to Minnesota to take on a surprising and surging Minnesota team. Can Penn State end the Golden Gophers unbeaten season? Penn State is 6.5 point favorites heading into the weekend.Week 9-1.png

Brandon Musso (8-0) & (5-3) vs. The Spread

Penn State has survived a gauntlet of tough matchups over the last three weeks. After their success making it through those tough games, many are already looking forward to a battle of unbeatens when the Nittany Lions head to Columbus to take in Ohio State. However, there is one problem: that gauntlet is not yet over as Penn State is on the road again to face an undefeated Minnesota team. 

This game is another definite test and threat to the Nittany Lions undefeated record. As it has been for the last few weeks, it is imperative that Penn State starts fast. Kickoff is set for 11:00am local time at Minnesota, a slow sluggish start because of the early game time will not bode well for the Nittany Lions.

The biggest key to this game will be Penn State’s ability to get to the quarterback. The past two games have not played in their favor as they struggled to get any sustained pressure on the opposing quarterback. Solid defensive play starts upfront and in order for the Nittany Lions to come home with a win, the defensive line needs to get back on track. 

I think the defensive line returns to form and helps limit the Minnesota offense as the Nittany Lions win another close one.

Penn State: 24 Minnesota: 14

Kraigen Rasalla (8-0) & (3-5) vs. The Spread

One of the two games between undefeated teams this week, Penn State and Minnesota are both coming off bye weeks heading into this highly anticipated match-up. Penn State was tested by their recent schedule, playing at Iowa and against Michigan before beating Michigan State on the road. Now, they will start their challenging back third of their schedule in Minneapolis.

Penn State comes in as the favorite and as the #4 team in the country, and for good reason. Their big play offense is combined with their #2 ranked scoring defense.

The weather forecast is looking like a cold afternoon in Minnesota, but that shouldn’t affect Penn State QB Sean Clifford, as he excelled in throwing accurate passes in the cold rain at Michigan State. A lot will be on his plate as Penn State has yet to develop a consistent running game.

I expect Sean Clifford to lead Penn State by finding his favorite receiver KJ Hamler. In addition, I think this will be the game where WR Justin Shorter has his break out game. Shorter has just 9 catches for 109 yards. I expect him to make 5 catches for at least 75 yards and unleash his potential in this huge match-up.

Penn State takes care of business on the road and passes another test in their quest for a perfect season.

Penn State: 31 Minnesota: 17

Cory Lestochi (7-1) & (4-4) vs. The Spread

Minnesota is good, but they don’t have the horses to run with the Nittany Lions late. All week this defense has been hearing about how big this Minnesota offensive line is. Let’s see how this high powered Golden Gopher attack does against an actual defense and a real starting quarterback–two things Minnesota hasn’t faced for over a month.

Clifford and Co. make enough plays to keep this one safe. Minnesota’s special teams is horrendous and is the difference in this one being close and this one being a 21 point win for the Nittany Lions.

Penn State: 38  Minnesota: 17


Picture by Kami Brand.

Week 9 Predictions: Michigan State Spartans

As I wrote earlier, this is the final game in a 3-game test for the Nittany Lions. There is a reason why they are only 6.5 point favorites heading into Spartan Stadium–they don’t play well out there. Penn State hasn’t won  in East Lansing since 2009. Michigan State isn’t very good, but has had an off week to prepare and has another off week after this week, which means their focus for the past 2 weeks has been entirely on upsetting the Nittany Lions. Let’s dive into predictions.

Week 9.png

Brandon Musso (7-0) & (4-3) vs. The Spread

The last two years of this matchup have not played in Penn State’s favor. Michigan State has had their number, dishing them a loss in East Lansing in 2017 and another at Beaver Stadium in 2018. Penn State comes into this game still undefeated and this will provide a serious threat to that record.

The key to this game is Penn State starting fast and playing with extreme discipline. The Spartans are a well coached team that will jump on the opportunity to capitalize on the Nittany Lions’ mistakes.

If Penn State can clean up their mistakes with both on the field play and coaching, they can manage to come out on top in East Lansing Saturday.

I think Penn State starts early and ends up leaving with a close victory.

Penn State: 27 Michigan State: 20

Kraigen Rasalla (7-0) & (2-5) vs. The Spread

Michigan State has been a thorn in Penn State’s side the last two seasons, pulling off the upset in both 2017 and 2018. They have the opportunity to spoil Penn State’s perfect season, yet again, if they can pull off a third straight upset of the Nittany Lions.

Penn State will have to find more consistency in their offense, as they jumped out to a 21-0 lead, but went stagnant against Michigan. They also need much more out of the running backs, as they ran for just 88 yards as a group, with 44 coming on one play by Ricky Slade.

Yes, Michigan State has allowed on average 36 points against Ohio State and Wisconsin in their last two contests. But, coming off a bye at home, this is the perfect week for them to correct their problems from the first half of the season.

Penn State wins. But, it will be a very uncomfortable victory in East Lansing.

Penn State: 17 Michigan State: 10

Cory Lestochi (6-1) & (3-4) vs. The Spread

The whole week I was going to pick Michigan State to win. Penn State has played so poorly against the Spartans as of late and it doesn’t help that the Green & White has had two weeks to prepare.

That being said this is the worst Michigan State team Penn State’s played in the past 3 seasons and the Lions are bringing their best defense in a long time into town. Additionally, the Penn State offense has shown the ability to prevent turnovers even in hostile environments like Iowa.

Michigan State won’t be able to run the ball and I have to believe this defensive line is tired of not getting to MSU’s magician-like quarterback when he scampers around the field.

Michigan State’s season is teetering on the edge of collapse with players transferring midseason. Wouldn’t be shocked if Penn State loses a close one, but I am going to go bold and say this game is the straw that breaks the Spartans back emotionally. Penn State jumps on them early and unlike the Wolverines last week, Michigan State doesn’t pick themselves up nor do they have the playmakers to do so anyway.

Penn State: 35  Michigan State 6

Week 7 Predictions: Iowa Hawkeyes

The real season begins for the Nittany Lions this weekend when they head to Iowa City to take on the Iowa Hawkeyes. Two years ago it took every second of regulation for Penn State to survive in Kinnick Stadium. The 5-0 Nittany Lions look to prove to the rest of the country that one of the youngest teams in the nation is for real. At the time this was written, Penn State was 3.5 point favorites. Here are our predictions:

Week 7-3.png

Brandon Musso (5-0) & (2-3) vs. The Spread

Going into this game, I believe this is Penn State’s first real test of the season. Playing  against Iowa in a prime time game at Kinnick is a tough task for any team. It will be interesting to see how all the young players on Penn State will respond to such tough atmosphere.

One of the keys to this game will be Penn State’s ability to get to the quarterback. Iowa relinquished eight sacks to Michigan last week and the Nittany Lions’ are coming off a ten sack performance themselves. If they are able to have the same success, it will be a long night for the Hawkeye offense.

In the end, I think the defensive line has big game to help shut down Iowa’s offense and the Penn State offense makes the plays they need to win a nail biter at Kinnick.

Penn State 20 Iowa 13

Kraigen Rasalla (5-0) & (1-4) vs. The Spread

The classic Iowa night game that will have Penn State fans on the edge of their seats and biting their nails is here. Every time the Lions head to Iowa City, no matter what record the Hawkeyes have, there is reason for concern.
Now, if Penn State was playing this game the week after the Pitt game, I would be VERY concerned. But, coming off two dominating wins against Maryland and Purdue, I at least feel a little bit better about this game, even if I don’t feel great.
The key will be having Sean Clifford continue his great play over the last two weeks. He has tallied 8 total touchdowns in the last two games and is leading a top five scoring offense in the country. But, Iowa has some fearsome defenders, including defensive end AJ Epenesa. If Clifford continues to be efficient, keeps Penn State out of third and long situations, and finishes drives in the red zone with touchdowns, not field goals, Penn State will win this game.
But, if the offensive is reliant on big plays, constantly in third and long situations, and only managing field goals in the red zone. Clifford may see Penn State’s perfect season come to an end like Daryll Clark did in 2008 and Trace McSorley almost did in 2017.
Do I think Clifford will be as good as he was in the last two weeks? No, this Iowa defense is #3 in scoring defense for a reason. But, I think Clifford will play well enough and allow the Penn State defense to continue their amazing play, as well.

Penn State 20 Iowa 7

Cory Lestochi (5-0) & (3-2) vs. The Spread

Over the summer I marked this game down as one of Penn State’s losses and I have been battling with this one all week. I can see reasons why each side could win. Statistically, Penn State should win by two touchdowns. But when Penn State and Iowa play you can throw out everything you know about football. The score will be weird, and the team that should probably win–won’t.

I was at the game two years ago and can confirm it is one of the wildest environments in the country. I also distinctly remember crying when Iowa upset Penn State in 2008 in Iowa City–I have nightmares about this place.

Last week, Purdue’s defense found success against Penn State when they kept everything in front of them and made Penn State drive the length of the field. That’s exactly what the Hawkeyes plan to implement and that terrifies me. I wouldn’t be shocked if the offense stalled. Penn State has the better athletes, they have the momentum, they have the stats on their side (Iowa is only slightly better in turnover margin), and they should win this game.

But I don’t think they will. I hope they prove me wrong, but I need this year’s team to win these types of games before I take them in them. Why I am at least optimistic that Penn State should win this game? They are bringing one of the best defenses in the country to Iowa and I expect Offensive Coordinator Ricky Rahne has a lot better cards than he has showed so far.

Penn State 15 Iowa 16

Week 3 Predictions: Pittsburgh Panthers

Penn State plays their in-state rival, Pittsburgh, for the 100th time on Saturday at 12 PM on ABC. The graphic below provides a general breakdown of the opponents, but if you want more information about Pitt, check out our preview here. Penn State comes in as the favorite, with the spread sitting at -17. Penn State covered the first two weeks, let’s see if the For The Glory team thinks they’ll cover for a third straight week and advance to 3-0.

Penn State vs. Pittsburgh Preview

Brandon Musso (2-0) & (1-1) vs. The Spread

The last two match-ups between these two teams haven’t been close. Penn State has been relatively dominant over those two years. I don’t expect this year to be any different as I believe Penn State will again exhibit its dominance.

The key to the game will be the Penn State wide receivers’ ability to get open facing a relatively strong secondary in Pitt. They struggled in certain spots last week to get open. If they want to move the ball consistently, the receivers are going to have to find space.

The 2019 Stripe Out is here and Penn State will roll for a third straight year.

Penn State 35 Pitt 17

Kraigen Rasalla (2-0) & (0-2) vs. The Spread

After I predicted a 28-point victory last week and the Lions narrowly covered with a 32-point victory on a 29.5 point spread, I am sitting at 0-2 on the young season in this category. But, I will surely take the spread into much more consideration this week as Penn State faces Pitt.

We have seen this exact type of Pitt team the last two seasons. They are inept on offense, simple as that. Kenny Pickett is not developing as the type of quarterback the Panthers are expecting and it is leading to their offense scoring only 17 points per game to start the season.

Meanwhile, I think James Franklin and Ricky Rahne open up the playbook a bit more this week. I think they were very vanilla last week with their play-calling basically because they could be against Buffalo and manage a victory. I think Sean Clifford will have a big game on Saturday, spraying it around to all of his targets all day long.

Penn State wins this one with ease and I get into the win column against the spread.

Penn State 45 Pitt 16

Cory Lestochi (2-0) & (2-0) vs. The Spread

Pittsburgh is not nearly as talented as Penn State. They will try to keep the football away from the Nittany Lions, but I don’t think they will be successful since they have a -2 turnover differential.

Penn State triumphs at home.

Penn State 42 Pitt 14


Maryland Preview

The Game:

Matchup: No. 14 Penn State (8-3) vs. Maryland (5-6)

Where: Beaver Stadium, State College, PA

When: Saturday November 24th, 2018 at 3:30pm EST


Penn State Offense vs. Maryland Defense

By: Brandon Musso

Despite earning the win and breaking a record on Saturday, Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley still wasn’t satisfied with his performance: “I think I didn’t play well, really, at all. Missed too many opportunities, didn’t take advantage of them. We’ll look at the film and see how we grade out, but right now, I don’t think I played all that well.” The senior quarterback still thought he didn’t play well even after becoming Penn State’s all-time winningest quarterback. McSorley would end the day with just 183 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception in Penn State’s 20-7 win over the one-win Scarlet Knights.

Meanwhile, the Maryland Terrapins were playing the game of their season as they took top ranked Ohio State to overtime before suffering a one-point loss. Despite the loss, their performance was something to behold. They managed to score 51 points on a talented Ohio State defense.

By the numbers:

Maryland has given up their fair share of points this season as they currently rank 64th in the nation in points allowed per game, having allowed just under 28 points per game. In terms of yardage allowed, the Terrapins come in at 52nd in the nation having allowed around 375 total yards per game. Their defense is rather balanced which in other words says that they don’t have a particular strength in terms of rushing and passing defense. They are allowing opponents just over 172 rushing yards per game while allowing around 200 passing yards per game.

Impact players:

The biggest player to watch on the Maryland defense is definitely Tre Watson. Watson is a graduate transfer from Illinois and is a force to be reckoned with as a Maryland linebacker. He leads the team in total tackles by a wide margin while also nabbing a team leading five interceptions including one for a touchdown. Look for his name to be called plenty in Saturday’s game. In the secondary, look out for Tino Ellis. The defensive back is one of the team’s best as the junior has collected 11 passes defended. Junior Antoine Brooks was converted from linebacker to defensive back and is currently leading the team in tackles-for-loss with 9.5. Finally, upfront, look for defensive lineman Byron Cowart who is the team leader in sacks.

Penn State Defense vs. Maryland Offense

By: Kraigen Rasalla

Penn State comes into Senior Day looking to send off Nick Scott and Amani Oruwariye among others on the defensive side of the ball with a victory in their final game at Beaver Stadium. Let’s see how the Terps from Maryland stack up against the Nittany Lions.

After losing Kasim Hill to a torn ACL, Tyrell Pigrome was thrust into the starting QB spot and put on an excellent performance against the Buckeyes, leading the Terps to 51 points in their loss last week. Pigrome showed the ability to scramble while connecting on some big throws down the field. Although Pigrome is a back up, he is certainly a capable quarterback.

At running back, Anthony McFarland has been outstanding for the Terps. McFarland reached the 1,000 yard plateau on the season last week with a 298 yard effort. The freshman is certainly a big threat as he reeled off two runs of over 75 yards in the first quarter against Ohio State. Tayon Fleet-Davis will also see some time in the backfield as well as Ty Johnson if he suits up. Johnson has been dealing with a calf injury and is questionable for Saturday’s contest.

At receiver, Jeshaun Jones and Taivon Jacobs lead the way for Maryland. Jones leads the team in touchdowns with five while Jacobs leads the team in receptions with 23. With Hill and now Pigrome at the helm, the offense is certainly more of a running offense under Interim Coach Matt Canada, as no receiver has over 300 yards entering the final game of the season


Brandon Musso: (10-1)

The Terrapins may have lost last week but offensively I still believe they have quite a bit of momentum. I think the Nittany Lions ability to limit Maryland’s offense is the key to this game. The Maryland rushing attack had their way with Ohio State last week as they rushed for 339 yards and five touchdowns. If Penn State can’t contain Anthony McFarland and the rushing attack, they will have an awfully hard time winning this game. With all the being said, I think Maryland goes on the road and steal a win from the Nittany Lions.

Maryland 35 Penn State 20

Kraigen Rasalla: (8-3)

This is a huge game for both the Nittany Lions and the Terrapins as the Lions look to impress enough to make their way back to their third straight New Year’s 6 bowl while the Terps are looking to become bowl eligible after a season that had its fair share of ups and downs. The Penn State offense took a major step back last week against Rutgers, but the Terps are certainly not a defensive juggernaut. I think Trace McSorley, the all-time winningest QB in Penn State history, will look to give Nittany Lions fans one last memory of him by having the big game he hasn’t had since the Ohio State game back in September.

Penn State 27 Maryland 23

Rutgers Preview

The Game:

Matchup: No. 14 Penn State (7-3) vs. Rutgers (1-9)

Where: Stadium, Piscataway, NJ

When: Saturday November 17th, 2018 at 12:00pm EST


Penn State Offense vs. Rutgers Defense

By: Brandon Musso

Last week was the bounce back win that Penn State needed as they closed out Wisconsin to improve to 7-3 on the season. This seemed to be a pivotal game for the Nittany Lions as they were coming off a blowout loss to Michigan the previous week and needed a win to avoid dropping to four losses. Wisconsin was once the favorite to win the B1G West, but injuries has dropped them out of a shot at a B1G Championship. Nonetheless, their defense was still a tough matchup for the Penn State offense. In the 22-10 win, the offense put up 20 points but Trace McSorley failed to find much rhythm in the passing game. He threw for just 160 yards and a touchdown. The rushing attack was working just as the Nittany Lions would want it to. Miles Sanders rushed for 159 yards and touchdown, a good chunk of the Nittany Lions team total of 183 rushing yards.

Luckily for Penn State, their defensive opponent this week will not be as tough as Wisconsin. The Nittany Lions will head east to take on Rutgers in Piscataway, New Jersey. The Scarlet Knights are currently sitting at 1-9 having had serious struggles this year with their lone win having occurred all the way back in week one against Texas State. They have had a lot of trouble containing offenses as they are ranked 84th in the country in total defense having averaged just over 418 total yards allowed per game. However, splitting down a little further reveals that they are much stronger at defending the pass than the run. They come in at 25th in the country in passing yards allowed but 119th in the country in rushing yards allowed. They average just under 190 passing yards allowed per game but 230 rushing yards allowed per game. If there is a weakness for the Nittany Lions to exploit this is it.

Individually, the Rutgers’ defense has just a few players of note. The first is linebacker Trevor Morris. The senior serves as the stop gate for the defense as he is the team’s leading tackler with 87 total tackles. Elorm Lumor is another player to watch. Lumor is a sophomore defensive lineman that is leading the team in tackles-for-loss with six as well as in a tie for the team lead in sacks with three. In the secondary, keep your eye out for Saqaun Hampton. The senior defensive back Hampton has nabbed two interceptions on the season while keeping pace in tackles with the secondary’s leader, freshman defensive back Avery Young.

Penn State Defense vs. Rutgers Offense

By: Kraigen Rasalla

Following a dominant defensive effort against Wisconsin, the Nittany Lions take on Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights have struggled all season, only winning one game, a blowout against Texas State in week one. Let’s see how the Nittany Lions stack up against the Rutgers offense.

The Rutgers passing attack is one of the worst in the country. Artur Sitkowski has a completion percentage below 50 percent and a touchdown to interception ratio of four to 16. Safe to say the freshman is not too efficient. The Penn State secondary and pass rush should have a field day, continuing their impressive play from last week.

On the ground, Rutgers has a variety of running backs that they like to utilize. Raheem Blackshear is the best of the bunch as he averages over four yards per carry and leads the team in rushing attempts. Blackshear also leads the team in receptions (40) and receiving yards (332). If Rutgers has any shot of beating the Nittany Lions, they will need an outstanding performance from their star tailback. Also contributing for the Knights out of the backfield are emerging freshman Isaih Pacheco (5.5 yards per carry) and Jon Hilliman (6 TD). Pacheco also had an 80 yard touchdown run last week against Michigan to tie the game in the first half.

With only two touchdowns among the wide receivers, this group is not much of a threat. Bo Melton and Eddie Lewis are the only receivers with over 20 catches, but neither has a touchdown catch on the season.



Brandon Musso: (9-1)

Penn State has had its fair of struggles this season but they are still a much superior team than Rutgers. On paper it is hard to miss the level of talent superiority Penn State has over the Scarlet Knights. As a result, I don’t think they will have much of a problem taking care of business on the road. As long as the Nittany Lions don’t hurt themselves they should come out of Piscataway with a blowout win.

Penn State 41 Rutgers 10

Kraigen Rasalla: (7-3)

Rutgers is in consideration for one of the worst Division I football teams of all time while Penn State is looking to seal its eighth win of the season. Seems like a long time ago when the Rutgers old coaching staff was calling this a rivalry game and Penn State was narrowly leaving Piscataway with a victory. Things will be much different this time around as I expect the offensive line to assert their dominance as they did from time to time against Wisconsin and for Miles Sanders to take full advantage. This should be a big game to see younger players in action and should give fans a reason to watch the game in its entirety. Expect the defense to come close to pitching a shut out, as well.

Penn State 45 Rutgers 7

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