Hardcore College Football Ponders What If 94′ Penn State Played 94′ Nebraska

It is a question that often fires up Penn State fans: Would the 1994 Nittany Lions beat the 1994 National Champions, the Nebraska Cornhuskers? In the 1994 season, Penn State and Nebraska never got a chance to play one another due to the bowl coalition tie-ins and the fact the Big Ten Champion had to go to the Rose Bowl.

Instead the National Championship was voted on after the bowl games and they awarded Nebraska the National Championship even though Penn State was also undefeated.

Hardcore College Football has been investigating the “Greatest Games Never Played” and took a look at the 1994 Nebraska and Penn State teams. Here is an excerpt:


You can find the entire podcast on Apple, Spotify, and other podcast platforms. You can also follow them on twitter @HardcoreCFB and Facebook: Hardcore College Football. They also simulate these hypothetical games on their Youtube.

Who do you think would win if the teams got a chance to play?

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