Penn State Fan Sends Discriminatory Letter to Penn State Football Player

It is surprising this Penn State fan even signed the bottom of this letter. Maybe he did not think his words would be conveyed this way. But, from reading this letter just one time, it is easy for anybody to pick up on the message this person was trying to send.

A Penn State Football player received this letter from a Penn State fan. Based off the heading of the letter and the description of the player, it is easy to assume this fan was addressing Penn State captain Jonathan Sutherland.

By telling Sutherland he has “awful hair” and “looks disgusting”, in my opinion, Antonio Shelton is 100 percent correct; you cannot justify saying this letter was not racist. In addition, adding the last paragraph about the NFL and the description of the players just confirms Shelton’s comment.

It is disheartening that something like this arises in the middle of such an excellent start to the 2019 season. But, this fan should send an apology letter before he thinks of writing anything else to this program.


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