Nittanyville Prepares for Another Year of Camping Next to Beaver Stadium

A residing tent city next to Beaver Stadium signifies Penn State football is right around the corner. Even more than that, the students that campout for Penn State home games demonstrate what it means to be a Nittany Lion. Students campout in the rain and cold from Wednesday evening til Saturday morning. I interviewed current Nittanyville President, Cam Panase about this upcoming season:

For The Glory: What are you most excited about this Nittanyville season?
Cam Panase: There’s so much to be excited for. We have some really cool things lined up that I don’t wanna disclose just yet, but I’m most excited about getting back up at Nittanyville on Wednesday.

For The Glory: How many campers do you expect for Idaho?
Cam Panase: Truthfully, I have no clue. This is the first year I have experienced having a home football game the first week that we get back from school. I am hoping to have around 300 campers.

For The Glory: Why do you campout? To most people it seems crazy.
Cam Panase: I campout because of the people. Everyone at Nittanyville eventually becomes your second family and into your best friends. It makes it a great experience every camp out.

For The Glory: Why should Freshmen students try camping at Nittanyville?
Cam Panase: Freshmen should try it because it will give them a second home right away! There’s nothing compared to Nittanyville across college football and Nittanyville will enhance their “Freshman Experience.”

For The Glory: What’s your season prediction?
Cam Panase: I hope we go 15-0, but I hope we can at least end up at the Rose Bowl.

Coleman 4-Person Dome Tent for Camping | Sundome Tent with Easy Setup

Perhaps Cam’s rosy prediction is slightly optimistic, but Penn State will need Cam, Nittanyville, and the rest of the students to create a tough environment if they want to defend Beaver Stadium.

Penn State opens the season against Idaho on Saturday at 3:30 PM in Beaver Stadium.


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