Who Are the New Penn State Football Captains?

James Franklin named the 2019 captains on Saturday. They come with a wide range of experience from experienced veterans to inexperienced players filled with potential. In all, Franklin named eight players as his captains. Here they are:

  • Blake Gillikin P
  • Cam Brown LB
  • Garrett Taylor DB
  • Jonathan Sutherland DB
  • Jan Johnson LB
  • Pat Freiermuth TE
  • Michal Menet OL
  • Sean Clifford QB

Gillikin is no surprise, as he was a captain in 2018. Brown, Johnson, and Taylor are also obvious choices as they are experienced senior starters on the defense. Menet is also an experienced starter at center and makes a lot of sense for an offensive captain.

However, Freiermuth, as productive as he was in 2018, is just a sophomore. Sutherland is also only a sophomore and Clifford is the new starting QB and has not started a game yet. Despite the inexperience of these three, Franklin named them captains for a reason. I think these are all players Franklin sees as the core of his team and that’s why he named them his 2019 captains.


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