Penn State Works with Waze to Ease New Parking Procedures & Other Housekeeping Items

The new parking procedure for Penn State football games has been the source of controversy since its announcement in the spring.

Penn State’s #RunYourRoute is the official title of this new game day traffic pattern. To assist fans in “running their route”, Penn State has partnered with Waze, a GPS Navigation company, that will direct fans to their specific parking lot on game day. You can download the Waze app or use the Penn State Athletics app on your smartphones.

Additionally, each parking pass should have specifics on which road(s) you should take to the tailgating lots, based on either a North, East, South, or West zone. These zones have specific signage posted throughout State College and surrounding roadways on how to properly access each zone.


This entire system has been implemented by SP+ consulting firm. The nice thing about this firm is not only have they constructed this new traffic pattern specific for Penn State they also will be doing the hiring and educating of the parking attendants that will be directing traffic. The largest issue Penn State has to overcome is the small town infrastructure that was never meant to handle hundreds of thousands of people–hopefully this new system will help. I encourage everyone to check out the specifics here and be patient and optimistic about this new traffic procedure.

Besides from parking, there are other new implementations for the 2019 football season.

  • Improved grass lots with gravel aisles or driving reinforcement product. This should help over 4,000 parking spots. Note that Penn State ICA doesn’t own most of the tailgating lots. Penn State School of Agriculture does and well, agriculture is pretty tough to have if everything is paved.


  • Happy Valley Hospitality. The 2018 positive promotion will be enhanced with 10 customer service booths. I am sure they will have more on this in the near future.


  • Team Arrival Improvements. The stage that was introduced last year will be moved closer to the All Sports Museum in order to accommodate more fans. This experience prior and during the Team Arrival will include former players, other non-football athletes, cheer and dance teams, and band(s). Onward State claimed, “Now, the team will arrive outside the All Sports Museum on a stage featuring the Nittany Lion.” However, a source at Penn State has told me they will be taking the same bus route to Beaver Stadium. Furthermore,  The team arrival event is quickly becoming a can’t miss pep rally.


  • EngageMint. I have personally spoke with the team at EngageMint and I am excited for what they are going to bring to Penn State’s fan experience. They will mostly be observing for the upcoming season, but expect to see an increase in immediate fan feedback opportunities–you’ll see what I mean soon. EngageMint has also worked with Big Ten school, Purdue. You can listen to their podcast, “Flip the Switch” here.


  • Mobile Ticketing. Fans are being pushed to use mobile ticketing for this upcoming football season in order to prevent fraudulent tickets and to speed up gate entry. Decreasing the time spent to enter the stadium was a huge issue for students.

If you haven’t already, you should download the Ticket Master app. This will allow you to buy, sell, or transfer your tickets with ease. If you purchase a ticket from StubHub or another market, Penn State can not trace your purchase as they only have access to the Ticket Master database.

You cannot “screenshot” or text your mobile tickets to your friends. If you don’t plan on going in together, you will need to transfer the tickets to them using the app. Trust me, it’s very easy to use. Also, you don’t need to worry about having internet connection because you can add the tickets from Ticket Master app to your smartphone wallet before you even leave for the game.


  • New Phone Charging Stations. In order to assist in the mobile ticketing initiative, Penn State will have phone charging stations outside and inside the stadium. A nice addition to ease this transition.

Penn State opens their season and new parking system on August 31st, 2019. You can learn about their opponent the Idaho Vandals here.

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