Trace McSorley is Good at Football

If you watched Trace McSorley play at Penn State from 2016-2018, you already knew the statement in the title to be true. But, in preseason action, the rookie QB is bringing it to a whole other level. He literally just tore the Philadelphia Eagles apart in the first half of a preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field. I’m sure we have a fair amount of Eagles fans that read this blog, but I bet they are even tipping their hat to the former Penn State quarterback.

You could tell the Ravens rookie QB was going to have a big night early on. It started here with a big play in the first quarter.

Pretty weird seeing Trace take a snap from under center, as it is something he did not do once from 2016-2018. But, this was a perfect pass on an out route to the sideline. I mentioned it earlier today when talking about Sean Clifford and QB accuracy how important it is to place passes in locations to allow receivers to create big plays. This pass was placed perfectly right in the receiver’s gut and allowed him to make a move to get up field. The precision of the pass allowed the receiver to turn a nice 15-yard gain into a big 44-yard gain.

Penn State fans know Trace McSorley is a dual threat QB. Some things just don’t change, even as he moved on to the NFL.

This scamper to the corner pylon reminded me of his touchdown run against #2 Ohio State in the 2016 upset at Beaver Stadium.

Then, McSorley proceeded to show off his arm throughout the rest of the first half.

This pass was a beautiful fade pass that McSorley placed in the perfect spot for his receiver. The result, a touchdown pass to give the Ravens a 19-0 advantage over the Eagles.

If you did not get enough of Trace in the first half, he finished the half with yet another dime in the end zone. Here it is:

Another great throw to his receiver’s back shoulder, a spot only his man could make the catch, for a touchdown.

For the first half, Trace McSorley put up a superb stat line of 16-24 with 203 passing yards and three touchdowns, two through the air and one on the ground. You can say it’s preseason or that it’s against the Eagles backups. But, you cannot deny that Trace McSorley looks like he belongs in the NFL. We at For The Glory are so happy to see our former QB putting on a show tonight!




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