Opinion: John Petrishen Shouldn’t be Allowed to Play Against Penn State

Today, news broke that former Penn State safety, John Petrishen has transferred to Pitt. Petrishen is able to play right away because he earned a degree from Penn State. He will have two years of eligibility at Pitt as he will be asking for a medical redshirt year. It isn’t known how much of an impact the Pittsburgh native will have with Pitt as he is still going through sports physicals and it is unclear if he is entirely healthy yet.


Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that the Pitt Panthers will be traveling to Penn State on September 14th, I broke down the Pittsburgh Panthers team here.

Now it is unclear exactly when Petrishen left the team, but the fact still remains: In less than a year removed from the Penn State football program, Petrishen will be facing his old team with a new school.

I have no issue with graduate transfers playing immediately, but they shouldn’t be allowed to play against their former team if they transferred less than 4 months ago. Right now a grad-transfer could occur in the spring or summer, and if the transfer is approved by the NCAA, then they could start that following fall season, regardless of who they play. I don’t know if a deadline exists for these transfers in the offseason, but you would think transfers would have to happen at least a month before the season. Most of the time these transfers aren’t an issue, but a last second transfer from one school to another, who will be playing the original school that season, is unfair.

Now, I am in no way bashing JP when I say this next part, but his impact in this year’s game will most likely be minimal and his transfer won’t be a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Also, I am glad he is able to play closer to home to finish out his career, but he shouldn’t be allowed to play against Penn State.

I wish him nothing the best and hope he has a healthy and successful college career.


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