Penn State Students Only: Penn State Athletics Cancels Student Guest Tickets for 2019 Season

Always wonder how the Penn State Dads or opposing team fans managed up in the student section? The answer usually was guest tickets, where a Penn State student was able to purchase another student’s ticket, with an additional cost, to use as a guest ticket. Penn State on Tuesday has put in end to the popular guest ticketing, along with implementing new student ticket transfer rules.


According to Penn State, “Due to very high ticket demand, and in an effort to provide Penn State students every opportunity to attend games, guest tickets in the student section will not be offered for the 2019 season”. This will prevent Penn State students from bringing in a non-Penn State student into the student section even if there are hundreds of students who don’t plan on attending a game.

Additionally, the Penn State Student Ticket Exchange will not be offered because “77% of secondary ticket transactions were transfer offers, and not resale offers through the Student Ticket Exchange”. Each ticket will only be allowed to be transferred one time.

Current student and Nittanyville President, Cam Panase, claims that there won’t be much of a difference saying, “kids who want to go will be there and others will still sneak into the student section” by other means.

Penn State also introduced a new mobile ticketing for the student entrance with a fail safe in place if students phones die before entering Beaver Stadium.

It will be interesting to see if these new rules help students get into the stadium quicker and if it hurts the overall student turnout.

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