My Favorite Games Ever Attended: No.2 Michigan vs. Penn State 2010

Written by Cory Lestochi (@Cory_Lestochi)

This game will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first Whiteout. The 8 PM kick, in the late October air, set the stage for one of the most beautiful scenes I had ever seen. I remember approaching the stadium and my heart beating as I could already see the lights shining down on the field.

For anyone who hasn’t been fortunate enough to attend a Whiteout at night, do what you must to witness the greatest spectacle in sports.


The game itself was between two slightly above average football teams. Michigan was highlighted by their dynamic quarterback, Denard Robinson. Matt McGloin led the Nittany Lions, who on College Gameday was made fun of by the hosts because of his ambiguity. Regardless, motivated by the electric crowd, McGloin had the Nittany Lions on the move all game long, racking up 41 points and 27 first downs.

Denard Robinson & company made it a shootout, Robinson ended up running for 191 yards and three TDs alongside his 190 yards and one TD through the air.

However, the Wolverines were unable to convert on 4th down late in the game, and turned it over on downs. The Nittany Lions were able to run out the remaining time on the clock.

That evening, Derek Moye became one of my favorite players. He caught three passes for 72 yards, one of which, was directly in front of me. I saw the defender’s hand on the ball attempting to rip it out of Moye’s hands to no avail.

And if that wasn’t enough on why this game was so special to me, Evan Royster carried the pigskin 29 times for 150 yards and placed his name on top of Penn State career rushing record books.

There were many things to celebrate that night and memories I will never forget.



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