Important Post-Season Reminder for Fans

Ah, that time of year has come again.

The time period after the bowl season when coaching changes are made and player transfers and declarations for the NFL draft are announced.

For fans, most of the time the personal lives of a coach’s or player’s life is overshadowed by how well they produce on Saturdays.

Therefore, when it comes time to fire a poorly performing  assistant coach, it is often meant with cheers and applause with little respect for coach’s family or livelihood. Redshirt freshman, KJ Hamler, who will now be coached by his third different WRs coach in three years, summed it up best:


Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 2.51.24 PM.png


The common rebuttal from fans is, “you chose this life, if you don’t like it then get a different job.” Perhaps this is true about the coach itself, but what about his wife, and kids? For a head coach, what about the lower tier staff that don’t make millions of dollars? It is one thing to respectfully wish for someone to be let go because the situation was not working out, but there is a better and more respectful way to do it without sharpening your pitchforks on Twitter.

This goes for players declaring for the NFL draft as well. These players have already committed at least three years to this university and football team, most of which, have nearly completed or have finished their undergraduate degree. Fans should do nothing but thank them and wish them the best of luck in their future plans. To tell them that it’s a bad decision or to compare them to former players who weren’t successful in the NFL is not only a disservice to how it makes the entire fan base look, but it’s simply a jerk move. You don’t know the backgrounds of these players, what their goals were, or what advice they have been given from people that know a lot more about their football future than you do.

Enjoy this time period, because it is exciting to add new additions to the Penn State family and watch players that have already given us so much to cheer for move on to a new chapter in their life.


One comment

  • KJ is a remarkable kid…
    You can’t teach character or morality, you have it or you don’t! He’s got BOTH 💙


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